Trading and technology

At Skung we strive to ensure that we our able to fulfill the diverse requirements of all types of Clients by offering them the Trading tool which is convenient for them. Keeping our Clients in mind we have created various trading platforms i.e Application based , Web based and Software based so as to cater to everyones requirement.

1-Software Based Trading (ODIN Diet)-This is a full fledged trading software which has to be installed on your computer Available on monthly charges and can be installed by contacting on 7800008160/64 or by mailing to |

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2-Web Based Trading (Net.Net) – Allows the client to trade from anywhere in the world vide Mobiles, Tablet or PC’s. This platform is compatible with all Operating systems.

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3-Application Based Trading (SKUNG Trader)-This platform of our company is compatible with Mobile and Tablets of the most used Mobile OS i.e Android. You can download our company’s application from the Play store and install it on your tablets or phones.

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